Walk for Life remembers and celebrates the lives of our beloved young people who have died suddenly and unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest. We wish to offer a big-hearted warm welcome to all family and friends of people who have died in these circumstances. Bring whatever emotions and feelings you have, the deep sadness from the loss and the joy at having had this person in your life. Everybody is welcome.

We have mapped out a beautiful route to walk through Centennial Park, and we will come together in the picnic area after the walk for lunch and some time together. If you prefer not to walk you can still come along and stay in the picnic area whilst others walk.

This follows our successful walk in November 2022.

We’ve provided details on this site with information about the walk and picnic, but please email us if you have any queries.

And let us know if you are coming, there is a registration page for the walk, or email your plans to Jenny and Edmund at contact@walkforlife.sydney.

Jenny James and Edmund Balnaves
parents of Aidan, who died at the age of 22 years from a sudden cardiac arrhythmia