Sudden cardiac death

Sudden cardiac death occurring in a young person is a tragedy. It has devastating effects on families, friends and communities. Sudden cardiac death is an unexpected death from a cardiac cause in a previously healthy individual. In a proportion of sudden unexplained deaths an underlying cardiac cause is found after the death, but sometimes the cause of death remains unascertained, and is presumed to be due to a primary arrhythmia (abnormal rhythm) in the heart. Research continues to lead to expanding knowledge in this area, though there is still a long way to go in order to be able to identify those at risk of a sudden cardiac death.

Genetically determined cardiac conditions make up a sizeable proportion of the causes of sudden unexpected deaths in young people. Some of these conditions have been linked with specific genes which can be identified from a person’s DNA. Finding out the exact cause of the cardiac problem gives loved ones an answer and can also allow for genetic testing of close relatives, so that possible preventative medical treatments can be put in place.

Most young people are in peak health when a sudden cardiac event occurs. They are usually physically well, and going about their lives with the confidence in their bodies that young people should have. Whilst a sudden unexpected death can occur during exercise it is more usual for it to occur during sleep or periods of light activity. Centres of excellence in research in Australia continue to add important knowledge in this area, including the Centenary Institute in Sydney and Baker Institute in Melbourne.

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